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How to convert your smartphone into Walkie-talkie

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How to convert your smartphone into Walkie-talkie

How to convert your smartphone into Walkie-talkie:-

Do you want to get a walkie talkie for yourself? Walkie talkie is very expensive so it is out of budget for us. But in this digital life, you can do anything with your smartphones. Smartphones nowadays use for multipurpose i.e hacking, learning or shopping etc. But you can also convert your smartphone into the walkie-talkie. Sending out long strings of text messages to someone is a strenuous job and sending the voice message is easier. So if you want to away voice message to your friend’s walkie-talkie is the best option. But due to the cost issue, it is difficult to buy a walkie talkie. So in this post, I am telling you how to convert your smartphones into a Walkie-Talkie. There are 5 ways so that you convert your smartphone into walkie-talkie at anytime, anywhere.

How to convert your smartphone into Walkie-talkie

#1. Turn your phone into Walkie-talkie via Mobile data:-


You always need two smartphones for this method. Using mobile data, increase the range of your walkie-talkie. This is due to you can use mobile data anywhere. There is no limit of the range in this method. The user can use any voice messaging service for this method i.e. Whatsapp, Facebook or VoIP. Use this method for audio chat features like Walkie-talkie.

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#2. Turn Smartphone into Walkie-talkie via Bluetooth:-


To use this method, the user required downloading Intercom for Android from the play store. Bluetooth is the great way to connect to your friend when a user doesn’t have a WiFi or data connection. WiFi or data connection is not available at all places so Bluetooth is the best option for voice chat. Just open the app and convert your phone to the walkie-talkie and send the voice message to your friends via Bluetooth. This method is used within a range.

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#3. Turn your smartphone into walkie-talkie via Wifi:-


You need two smartphones to try this method. It is very effective and best way to do voice chat. Just go to play store and download Wifi direct Walkie-talkie app on both smartphones. Enable Wi-Fi option On on both the phones. When you enable Wi-Fi of both smartphones, it can search for the all available device that nearby you. Tap on your Friend Wi-Fi and boom now you can use Walkie-talkie on the both smartphones. Now, start voice conversation between you and your phones.

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#4. TiKL touch talk:-


TiKL touch Talk Walkie-talkie is one of the best apps to do voice conversation. This app simply converts your smartphone into the walkie-talkie and you can do unlimited voice chat with your friends. With this Tikl talk app, you need an active data plan and it supports group chat and multi-voice chatting. Just install Tikl talk and do unlimited text or voice chats.

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[appbox googleplay mobi.androidcloud.app.ptt.client]

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#5. Heytell most effective way:-


Heytell is also one of the best ways to voice chat. This app is cross platform for voice messenger and walkie-talkie that allows you to instantly Talk with friends and family. You can use this app on Android, iOS and windows device with only one single button. Heytell doesn’t require any registration and any signup process. Just tap and go with your friend on one single button. Heytell works on any data connection i.e . 2G or 3G. Heytell takes care of all user privacy and includes group chat option.

[appbox googleplay com.heytell]

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