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Apple vs Android | What makes Android most popular?

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Apple vs Android What makes Android most popular

Apple vs Android | What makes Android most popular?

Every day in the market many new smartphones manufactured all around. Every smartphone runs on a special kind of operating system. Today in the market various kinds of operating systems available. In the article, we are talking about two most popular operating systems. These are Android and iOS, which one is better. Let’s find us, but first of all, we talk about the share market position of both.

Share market status of Android and iOS:-

Apple is the only manufacturer that manufacturer smartphone that runs on iOS. But many brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LYF, Micromax and in the recent one of the old competitor in smartphone industry Nokia. Nowadays Nokia launched it first Andriod based smartphone in China. In the first sale, the stock will be sold within one min.

In the share market android hold approximately 81.7% share, on the other hand, iOS has only 17.9% share. This report is given by the Gartner in February 2017. Android share market took a hike in 2016. Now take a look at why Andriod is more famous or popular than the iOS.

Why is Android more popular than iOS?

#1. Simple customization:-

We all know that Android launch it’s new update of Android N that gained more popularity than any other previous Andriod. Android is more lovable than the iOS due to its easy customization. Many people said that the iOS is hard to understand. But Android is very simple and easy to customize. Android is an open source operating system and gives more customization features than Apple iOS.

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#2. Affordable price:-

One of the biggest reason comes to you when you are purchasing a smartphone is its price. Everyone wants a smartphone in affordable price. The Andriod OS comes with many brands in the market like HTC, Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola and much more that give a smartphone at the affordable price. But on the other hand, iOS is not cheap as much an Android based smartphone.

#3. Unique features:-

When a buyer purchase a new smartphone then the buyer sees what the unique features of that phone he buys. In this modern time, everyone wants a perfect smartphone with lots of unique features. Android gives its users lots of features than the Apple iOS. Battery saving mode, reading mode, controlling TV and much more these features are provided by many Andriod based smartphone companies. But in Apple iOS smartphone these features are far away. One of the major drawbacks is Bluetooth. Apple iOS lacks Bluetooth.

#4. Diverse phone option:-

There are many smartphone manufacturer companies that used Android OS in their smartphones like Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, Samsung, Micromax and much more. But in the iOS, Apple is the only brand that makes the smartphone that runs on the iOS operating system. This is a major drawback in iOS smartphones.

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