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Top 20 Amazing Facts About Human Body That We Never Knew

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Human Body

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Hello friends, so in this article we’re are looking at some unknown and fun facts about the body. Human is the most complex animal and its structure is different from other organisms. The human body has many millions of facts but a person didn’t know about a human. So if you also want to know some unknown facts of the Human body than you’re at the right place.There are many amazing facts or things that a person didn’t know but want to know. Today in this article, I want to share 20 Amazing facts about a human body you didn’t know.

20 Amazing Facts About Human Body You Didn’t Know-

#1. You can’t kill yourself by chocking yourself with your own hands.

#2. Men burn fat faster than women by a rate of 50 calories per day.

#3. Your hearing sense less sharp after eating too much.

#4. Facial hair of a human body grows faster than other hairs on the body.

#5. The hardest bone in the human body is jawbone.

#6. Everyone’s body has a unique smell like fingerprints.

#7. The brain of a human is more active during the night in comparison to the day time. The scientist doesn’t know yet why this is happening.

#8. The acid in a human stomach is strong enough to dissolve zinc. It doesn’t dissolve stomach because stomach-wall renew itself.

#9. Women heart rate is faster than men.

#10. The strongest muscle in the human body is tongue.

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